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The prestigious consumer company Which have voted Hyundai as “Best Car Manufacturer” leaving BMW, Mazda, Skoda and Toyota trailing behind them.
Hyundai state their intent is to give very best value for money by offering quality, highly equipped vehicles which reliable and affordable.

Very important, there are now no grey areas with regard to insuring or not insuring a vehicle you own.
New government law now states that if you own a vehicle you either have to insure it or declare it a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) in order to keep it without insurance.
If you are found to have...

How many new 11 reg. plated cars will we see on the roads next month?
With a decline in the car market of 5% forecast by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)
for this year car dealers are expecting buyers to be very particular in their requirements.
With VAT pushing up the price of...

Following his crash in Andorra on Sunday Robert Kubica finds out pretyy quickly that there are drivers queuing up to replace him at Renault.

UK motorists are now paying record high prices for fuel for their vehicles, as if they were not aware of this fact.
The previous high for petrol prices was in 2008 when a barrel of oil hit $140 a barrel, compared to the $100 a barrel it presently costs.
With increased tax costs already in the...

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This Jaguar XJ model is reckoned to...

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First Rule of Motoring Is - keep...


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